Merchcult FAQ

Are you ever confused when trying to figure out how much your shirt order is going to cost? What are screen fees? Plate fees? Price per shirt? Shipping? With our All Inclusive Pricing system, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees, no setup fees, and always free shipping. With our All Inclusive Pricing there are never any secrets.

Placing an order is very simple. If you have created a design on our website, you can simply add your design to the cart and use the checkout system. If you are having troubles figuring this out, simply send us your saved design ID # and we can retrieve it for you and send you an invoice to make payment. If you already have print ready artwork and do not want to import it into our designer, simply send us the artwork to and we will get right back to you with a price and invoice for you to make payment when you are ready to move forward.

We have tried to make our online designer as simple as possible, yet there will always be times that things can be confusing or complicated. If you are running into an issue with the designer, simply e-mail, call, or contact us through live chat and we can assist you in the design process.

Our typical minimum order is 12 items for apparel. Please be aware, ordering in low quantities is not very cost effective, and for usually a very minimal price increase, you can get a huge discount on your items.

Once your order is paid in full, there is a 2 week turnaround (14 actual days, not business days). This is not a guaranteed date, but it is a general timeline of when you can expect your merch. Some items that we offer take longer and some items are a shorter time frame. We get most orders shipped before the 2 week turnaround, but we give that turnaround so you can know what to expect. If you have a strict deadline, we will do our best to meet it if it is less than our 2 week turnaround.

All payments must be received in full before we start an order. We accept payment through PayPal and accept all major credit and debit cards.

If your order has been placed, and we have not started on anything and there is an unforeseen reason you need to cancel your order, we can issue a refund. Once your order is processed and blanks have been purchased, there are no refunds. On some very rare cases, we may issues small credits due to an issue with a print. We stand by our work and do to the custom nature of screen printing, we do not issue refunds or returns.

You are more than welcome to mix and match shirt colors and sizes at no additional cost as long as the print stays the exact same and is the same color. You can even purchase different apparel types and just add on the cost difference of that item as long as we are printing the same exact design.

Of course we can! We only list the top styles and brands so you are not overwhelmed while browsing, but we have access to thousands of styles and brands. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can hook you up!

Yes, we actually do this quite frequently as long as you receive permission from the venue to do so. Often times bands run out of merch on tour so we are able to print up more and send it to the venue. Some bands do not prepare for tour and do not have enough time to get the merch shipped to where they live so we will ship it to a venue or place where they are staying.

We generally prefer to have your design in PSD, JPG, AI, ESP, PNG, PDF, GIF and TIF. When submitting your artwork, it is preferred to be 300dpi and must be the actual size that you want it on the shirt. Vector artwork works best as we can scale it without any loss of quality. You can send us artwork at a lower resolution for us to work with, but we cannot guarantee that it will come out as crisp and sharp as you would want. You can easily create artwork that is print ready from within our designer.

We certainly can! However, we usually advise bands to find a printer within their region simply for the fact that international shipping can sometimes cost almost the same as your shirt order thus not making it economical for your band. We are always open to any order from any country but keep in mind the costs associated with international printing.

Our maximum number of print colors per location for apparel is 8 colors. We can also print in full color on many items.