How To Choose The Best Pullover Hoodie

How To Choose The Best Pullover Hoodie

Hoodies are such a popular staple when it comes to apparel. If you think of it, almost everyone you know has a favorite pullover they frequently wear in those colder months instead of a jacket. While sweatshirts can be pricier, customers have no problem making an investment when they can justify wearing the hoodie over and over. 

But choosing the best pullover hoodie for your event or show can be overwhelming. Price, material and quality all play a role in making a good decision. There are so many options in this category, so doing your research will probably save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Material Is Key

What’s it made of? This is an important question to ask when looking into ordering pullover hoodies. Not all sweatshirts are created equal and everyone has their own preference when it comes to wearability and appeal. 

Some customers prefer a 50/50 mix, which is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. There are a lot of advantages to this combination. One of them being that these tend to be of heavier quality and have more color varieties. 

The Gildan 50/50 pullover hoodie is a huge favorite among businesses because  there is a huge variety of colors. Many construction companies order these pullovers in the neon shades to insure the safety of their employees. These have a classic fit that everybody loves.

Our Jerzees 50/50 pullover is another popular contender when it comes to ordering pullover hoodies for family reunions or outdoor events because of its durability and warmer feel. The matching knotted drawstrings and detailed stitching really elevate the quality.

Sports teams and church youth groups often purchase customized Bella Canvas 50/50 Pullover Hoodies because they are of a higher quality and appeal to the younger generation. While it’s listed as a 50/50 mix, the cotton portion is actually 52%, which makes these softer and silkier than their counterparts. These are a step above the rest in their category and give the feel of the higher priced blends. 

Another option as far as blends go, is the 80/20 blend. This is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. There are many reasons why some find this choice more desirable. For example, the higher cotton blend means that these hoodies are much lighter and silkier while also having a better fit. 

The Next Level 80/20 Pullover Hoodies are a go-to for bands and musicians looking to add a higher end product to their merch table. The flat, natural colored, drawstring adds a subtle contrast and the jersey lined hood is another details customers love. 

Schools looking to order pullover hoodies for an upcoming event or school function should consider our Tultex 80/20 blend. These pullovers are versatile and have some unique colors. The added spandex in the waste band makes them really easy to wear and the matching flat drawstring allows your design or logo to stand out. 

Price Point 

Let’s be honest, price is always a major factor when it comes to ordering apparel, and when you’re purchasing a higher end item like a hoodie, the cost can really go up. Luckily, there are options for those who really need to keep their budget smaller, as well as choices for those that can afford to spend more. 

If you are looking to keep your merch order completely cost effective, your best bet would be to go with our Tultex 80/20 blend as it is our least expensive option. Many clothing lines and fundraiser coordinators tend to choose these simply because they are affordable and they can order more for a lesser price.

While the Tultex is our least expensive option, the Gildan 50/50 and Jerzees 50/50 pullovers come in at a super close second. Both are wonderful options for bar bands and touring bands because of the cotton/poly blend at a price that allows for a great profit margin. 

For landscaping companies and construction crews looking to order pullover hoodies for their workers, the Bella Canvas 50/50 is ideal. The high pricer is offset by the longevity of the materials in the sweatshirts, which saves money in the long run.

If you’re looking to add some merchandise to your storefront or tattoo shop, the Next Level 80/20 is at a middle price point with a brand that speaks for itself. Investing more for the higher cotton blend and smoother feel and fit could be the difference between selling the item or not. 

Quality and Quantity

When it comes to quality, it really is a mix up of price and material. While we insure quality in all of our products, higher priced items often have a higher quality. If you are really interested in setting yourself apart, ordering the more expensive hoodie might be the best way to do so. 

Even our lowest priced choice is a crowd pleaser and allows many artists to order higher quantities of hoodies. This is always something consider when you’re thinking of ordering apparel. Is it better to go with the cheaper selection, allowing you to buy more? Or does it make more sense to go for the pricier pullover to insure your own brand name stays elevated and impresses customers. 

One of the easiest ways to decide which pullover hoodie suits your needs best is to ask yourself what your favorite hoodie is and why! Is it the fit? The durability? The feel of the fabric? 

Considering all of those questions when you go to order pullover hoodies for your next event will help your exponentially in the process. 

Start designing today using our online designer and be sure to email us with any questions! We are more than happy to help! 

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